Why do we get dreams while sleeping?

Do you know that on average a human spends 6 years of his life in dreams? It may sound crazy but imagine how amazing that would be if we just sit and think of that fantasy world of ours we live in for 6 years.

It’s very common to have dreams while sleeping. If you ever wondered why you get dreams then,

you have landed to the right place.

Dreams at night are basically some kind of illusion that we experience while sleeping. Some nights

we don’t get dreams while some nights it feels like we are binge watching an entire season of a

series in a single night. The genre (type) of your dreams varies from scary dreams to some bizarre or

weird dreams. Sometimes we wake up in morning with a strong curiosity to understand the meaning

of our dream and sometimes it’s even hard to recall it.

Human life is full of mysteries and one of them is “dreaming during sleep” and it's tempting

to know the reason behind this. Theirs is no proper scientific reason behind dreams but there are

many beliefs about it.

Facts about dreams:

  • Everybody gets dreams every single night: Most of us claims that they don’t get dreams while sleeping but that isn’t true. Every single night every human dreams for at least 2 hour. According to a study, many people used to have 6-7 dreams every night and each one them lasts for 5- 20 minutes.

  • Difference in dreams of men and women: It might be shocking but researchers have found the difference in the content of dreams for male and female. Men generally have dreams of fights,sports or any kind of physical act while women tends to get emotional dreams that contains more number of characters. Also men used to forget their dreams more often than women. This makes sense as most of our dreams are controlled by our personality and beliefs.

  • You have the power to manipulate your dream: Ever heard of lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is experienced when you are aware of the fact that you’re dreaming. In that you can easily control yourself inside your dream. Lucid dreaming happens in state between consciousness and REM(rapid eye movement).

  • Negativity overpowers the positivity in dreams: According to a study conducted by Hall’s student William Domhoff, emotions are experienced while dreaming and most of they are stress, anxiety or disappointments.

  • Many of us might dream the same: A study has proved that most of the people get dreams about same thing like being chased by someone, falling from a height, fighting, flying, stealing, or facing betrayal or loss. This is due to dominance of negative thoughts on our subconscious mind.

  • Human is most creative while dreaming: Yes, you read it right. As our mind is at most active while REM phase of our sleep that makes us more creative while dreaming.


There were different beliefs about dreams like for some people dreams were nothing but future while

for others that was the world of any other universe in which human body travels while sleeping. For

many others dreams were message from god. Archaeologist have found that the

ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia had left some evidences of dream interpretation from back

3100 BC. According to Mesopotamian history, dreams were of great importance and were used to

predict the future and also in some cases kings used to make decisions based on their dreams.  Once

Gudea, the king of the Sumerian city-state of Lagash (reigned c. 2144–2124 BC) had a dream of

making a temple so he does the same in reality and built temple Ningirsu.

Many spiritual communities believed that good dreams were from god while bad dreams were for

evils. Dream interpretation is different in different communities since ancient times.

REM(rapid eye movement) state:

It is the state of mind right after we fall asleep. In this state, a person dreams for about 2

hours every night. During this cycle of sleep,our brain is almost awake.

In this state body undergoes the following changes:

  • Fast movement of eyes.

  • Change in body temperature.

  • Increase in blood pressure.

  • Fast breathing.

  • More oxygen consumption by the brain.

Those who use to drink alcohol before sleeping generally have short REM phase. In this

phase our brain is active and hence we can have vivid thoughts in this phase that results in dream.

Causes of dreams:

Medical researchers have been doing study since a long time. they have untangled many of mysteries about dreams but others is yet to be unveiled. Generally, dreams are nothing but thoughts of our subconscious mind while we are in our REM phase of sleep. 90% of dreams are nothing but our unfulfilled desires or underachieved goals. we usually get dreams of the life that we aspire but can't get it in reality.


Causes behind getting dreams often depends on the type of dream we're getting. So, let's dive into it a bit more.

  • Nightmares: These kind of dreams are very disturbing and can leave drastic impact on dreamer's mind. it has been discovered that a major part of population used to have nightmares and it makes them unable to focus on their real life. causes of getting nightmares can be:

  • Dreamer might be suffering from depression, stress or anxiety.

  • If dreamer is on medications then he/she probably get this condition.

  • emotional traumas can also leads to this.

  • Lucid dreams: these kinds of dreams are those in which dreamer is sometimes is aware that he/she is dreaming. one can also control the happenings inside the dreams. Probable reason behind these is mostly what you were thinking just before falling asleep.

  • Forgetting dreams: according to studies we get 5-6 dreams every night and these used to happen in REM cycle. this phase isn't continuous but comes with certain breaks while your sleeping. normally, a human forgets 50% of his dream after 5 minutes when the dreams ends. so, only those dreams in which we are in REM phase and we woke up in between are the ones that we are able to recall while rest of the dreams is impossible to recall.


I hope you are now familiar with the fact that everybody get dreams while sleeping. so, there is no need to worry about getting weird dreams or any other kind of dreams. Moreover, that just dream and none of it is ever going to happen in real. having nightmares or same dream every night can leads to mental trauma one's mind. so, if getting dreams is hampering your life in any way then, you should go and consult it with doctor.

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