'Peace begins with a Smile'

~ Mother Teresa

Have you ever smiled or laughed without a purpose? Have you ever looked into the mirror and just smiled? Probably not!

Because it's thought to be a bad habit. But it's not.

Charles Darwin first proposed that smiling isn't just a result of feeling good - the act of smiling can actually create more enjoyment and good feelings, rather than the other way around.


1. What is Smiling yoga or Smile-asana?

2. How healthy is smiling?

3. Laughter yoga exercises

4. Advantages of smiling yoga

5. Disadvantages of smiling yoga


Smiling Yoga or the posture of happiness is a facial yoga with a great deal of health benefits. It is a progression of breathing and relaxation exercises that invigorate cheerfulness for better wellbeing, invented in 1995 by Madan Kataria.

Whether you turn up the corners of your mouth or breath in or breath out while clenching your teeth and let your body relax this is what smiling yoga is!

There is no boundation to try this. You can do anywhere to make your body calm.


There is science behind everything. Right? So, let's sneak what's behind this.

What happens is when you smile, your brain releases tiny molecules called neuropeptides to get rid of stress.

Neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are also released that relaxes our body.

Smiling can drop down you stress level thus providing you a boost of happiness.

We hardly have time for ourselves in busy schedule ls and might feel knackered. This is the best way to deal with stressful routine, anxiety and anger.

Smiling also shows the confidence level in oneself and makes you happier.


There is nothing wrong to smile or laugh for yourself. It's a part of self-love. It shows how much you care and adore yourself. There are many ways in achieving a laugh or smile but still they are categorized as mentioned below:

Lion laugh - In this posture, you need to make a pose like a lion and thrust your tongue out, widen your eyes and stretch your hands out like claws and breathe in and out.

Humming laugh - Laugh with your mouth closed and chant hum.

Greeting laugh - It's an interactive exercise. You need to walk around people and do 'Namaste' pose, shake hands and laugh while making an eye contact.

Heart-to-heart laugh - Laugh while hugging a person or just by holding each other's hands.

Silent laugh - Laugh without making a sound but remember that your mouth should be wide open.


Beside the physical advantages, the best advantage of any yoga is the manner by which it enables an individual to oversee pressure and relax our mind and body.

Some of the benefits of this yoga are:

1. Yoga's fuse of reflection and breathing can improve one's physiological prosperity.

2. Practising facial yogas daily create mental lucidity and serenity.

3. It expands body's mindfulness.

4. It calms interminable pressure, negative thoughts and worries

5. It improves focus, attention and concentration.

6. It relieves stress and anxiety and helps to control anger.

7. It stimulates collagen production and blood flow. Thus, flushing out toxins from the body.

8. It helps to prevent wrinkles and lines on our face, providing natural glow to the skin.

There are lot more benefits of smiling yoga but more importantly is that it keep out mind and body mentally and physically fit.


Everything has ups and downs. So, while doing or practicing anything always keep in mind to know it's disadvantages.

1. Don't do quick breathing while performing laughter yoga as it can cause inhalation of foreign bodies.

2. Practising these without any break can cause your facial muscles to ache or even headache.

3. It can cause incontinence.

4. You would feel like vomiting or dehydration.

Remember, these are exercises and must include pause and little breaks. It's for your health improvement. So, practice these carefully.

Wake up every morning with a thought that something amazing is going to happen and smile.

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