Have you ever wondered of getting

everything you imagine. Yes that’s possible! There isn’t any secret behind this instead the power of law of attraction. It’s a principle of universe and our universe responds to what we believe. Everything is made up of matter and matter possess tendency to attract and build up in energy. So, take a deep breathe and learn to build up relationship with universe.


  1. What law of attraction means?

  2. How it works?

  3. How to manifest anything

  4. Pros and cons of the law of attraction


The whole universe is made up of matter and matter is basically composed of particles that contain enormous energy. Though being a part of this universe itself, we all abide with the law of attraction. In simple words, it means like attracts like. Assume it as gravitational force or as Newton’s third law “To every action there is equal and opposite reaction.” When we flip something in air, it comes back because it has gravitational relationship with ground. Similarly, our souls radiate energy in the form of frequency or vibrations. And by making this energy strong we can get anything that is authentic. But at first you have to believe in yourself and be consistent in this practice because you can’t achieve anything easily.


The science behind law of attraction is not easy. We are dealing with something impalpable that is feelings and thoughts. Proponents of this field have carried out experiments that proved this law realistic. It’s like your feelings are directly proportional to your frequency. The more your frequency is, the higher is your chances of achieving anything. And when you give positivity to the universe it return you back the triple of that. Similarly, when you have strong desire of anything and imagine it to be a part of your present, work for it and devote a peaceful time for it then it becomes reality. So, you have to work on yourself to learn the art of manifestation.


“What you think, you become.” - Gautama Buddha

This is a devoting process and you have to trust your intentions. There are a lot of ways for this process:

1.Writing never fades away - Whateveryou want just write it down on a piece of paper. Now take a glass of water and keep that glass on the paper you wrote your intention. Close your eyes and imagine that thing happening in reality. After a minute open your eyes and drink that water do this everyday before going to bed.

2.. Affirmations - Before going to bed, speak all the positive sentences about your intentions and desires. Example:

• I call on the universe to answer my prayers and guide me on the path of abundance.

• I am focused on achieving money happiness.

• I am worthy of the best things in life.

3.Visualize - visualize yourself accomplishing great things.

4. Meditate – meditation is the salient part of attracting what you want. So meditate for at least 10-15 minutes in the morning to flush out the negativity from your body.

5.Connection with nature – spend some time in the lap of nature to feel connected with universe and inhale positivity.

6.Journaling – keep a track of your daily routine. This will help you to organize your mind .


Pros : The law of attraction is not just a sudden process. It takes a lot of hard work. So some people become negative when things don’t work. Consequently, they might end up getting stressed. Cons :

• Once you have developed faith

and belive on yourself nothink . can stop you . This principale saves us from depression, insomnia ,anxiety and conditions like . ADHD,ODD,OCD etc.

• You can enhance the power of your . dreams or lucid dreaming.

• You can move on the path of . . spirituality and success.

• Boost up in the confidence level and positivity.

• Proper mindset and focusing abilities.

Well, the benefits of the law of attraction are endless. But the foremost thing is you have to trust instinctions and everything good will going to come up in your way.

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