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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Have you ever felt sad and depressed over not being able to achieve what your heart desires? Have you ever wished for some sort of magic to make your life perfect?

Switchwords are those miraculous words which can help you manifest what you want in life. There are certain words and numbers that can either switch off negative conditions or switch on positive vibrations. Such words and numbers have the power of transforming your life the way you want.

What are Switchwords?

Switchwords are one word affirmations which can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to another. They are not any spells, black magic, mumbo jumbo or witchcraft. They are just simple, everyday words. All words have some power to become Switchwords so it’s very simple to understand that those WORDS which switch your energies are called Switchwords for you.

Switchwords were first identified by Sigmund Freud and then researched by James T. Mangan in the 1960s. These power words speak directly to your subconscious mind, helping clear blocks to success and activating your ability to manifest love, money, creativity, self-healing and success.

Why do they work?

Switchwords operate through vibration. Saying, intending or chanting these words changes your body’s vibration so that you resonate at the same frequency as the goal you desire. Switchwords act as a binding factor between your conscious and sub-conscious mind and help you program your mind to focus on your goal.

Switchwords work, because the subconscious mind actually directs up to 95% of your actions and decisions. For example, if one can’t lose weight, it’s often because they unknowingly sabotage their efforts due to old belief patterns. If one can’t attract money, deep down they may think they are not worth it. Switchwords help clear this negative debris from your subconscious so you can make positive CHANGE in your lives. All you need do is say the Switchwords you need, right NOW.

Who can use Switchwords?

Anyone can make use of Switchwords. There’s no danger or harm in using them, so feel free to try them for improving any situation.

The benefits of Switchwords

Switchwords can benefit all aspects of your life, from work and creative projects to relationships and finances. Here are just some of the benefits.

Switchwords can:

Help deal with pain, low mood and stress-related ailments

Support efforts to break negative habits

Promote sleep and peace of mind

Help problem-solve, and inspire creativity

Boost leadership qualities

Manifest money

Attract love and friendship

Deepen existing relationship bonds

Assist education and study

Support healing

How to use Switchwords?

Switchwords can be used in many ways:

Chant, whisper or say it out loud several times daily. Don't focus on a number, focus on the intention instead. The more chanting, the better.

Write them down in a notebook several times daily. Don’t count them, just write them down.

Meditate them.

Write them on your body once after every bath. But don’t write on your body when results are needed in another person.

Write them on a sticky note and stick it onto the body. Use a different sticker daily for hygienic reasons.

Write them on wrist bands, knee guards, clothes or anything you wear.

Write them on a paper, stick it on a water bottle (or write on the bottle directly) and drink that water in sips throughout the day.

What are Energy Circles?

Energy Circles are a simple means of broadcasting the energy components presented in them. Anyone can create an Energy Circle with Switchwords or Number codes or with both. All you need is a white paper (white both sides) and a pen. Just write the Switchwords or numbers or both on a white paper and draw a circle around it. The Energy Circle is ready. The circle need not be perfectly round, any shape is fine.

There are Switchwords and numbers for every requirement such as:

To quit an unwanted habit - Off

To be in good health - Be

To locate or create a home - Home

To find lost items - Reach

174 reduces pain

369 liberates from pain and fear

10.7 is associated with ears

14 is for awareness and concentration

9999 for general vitality and energy

The Switchwords You Need to Know Now

Here are the ‘manifesting’ Switchwords to bring you what you want:

TOGETHER – The ‘master’ Switchword for everything

DIVINE – Asks for a miracle

DIVINE ORDER – Helps you do anything efficiently and restores order from chaos

BRING – Brings you whatever you ask for

GOLDEN SUNRISE – Helps you live your life happily, joyfully and complete with abundance


Consider your goals carefully before you begin Switchwording. Do you really need money, or is it love and support? Do you really need a relationship right now, or is self-confidence more important? Be mindful of what you wish for, so that when you choose your Switchwords they express your true goal. When your goals are authentic and you use the right Switchwords, the subconscious responds strongly and you get what you wish for.

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