Signs of Hidden Depression

Depression is treatable but how do you treat it when you don't know that you are battling it. Often it isn't easy to identify that someone is going through depression. They could be seeing a therapist, they could be on antidepressants or it might be too late. To seek the needed help, it is vital to know that one is going through depression. Here are a few signs of hidden to look out for yourself or your loved ones

Variation in sleeping and eating habit

The first noticeable sign of hidden depression can be found through people's changes in sleeping and eating habits. They might exhibit either insomnia or sleeping for longer hours. Their eating habits will also change. Either they go on consolation eating or they don't have an appetite. They tend to overeat to fill the void they feel within, a sort of emotional fulfilment. These patterns aren't consistent either. Some even resort to alcohol and other recreational substances to avoid the feeling of emptiness. A healthy appetite and regulated sleep is a sign of good mental wellbeing. Disruption of these involuntarily means it is time to get a consultation

Masking emotions and forced happiness

There are situations where a person feels inevitably sad, upset, or disappointed. A person with a hidden depression will try to smile or react as if nothing had happened. They feel ashamed of feeling sad and force a happy emotion. How do you tell the difference between an emotionally strong person and a depressed person? An emotionally strong person doesn't feel ashamed to show disappointment. Not only in grim situations but masking emotions becomes an involuntary action daily. It is also one of the reasons why they come up with an excuse for any activity with friends, family, and colleagues.

Display of intense emotions

Though they mask their emotions, they react intensely at a very unexpected moment. The abrupt display of emotion to a trivial moment is a sign of hidden depression. This is because of all the suppressed emotions and feelings.

Talking about death a lot

A person who is going through depression feels an emptiness. They slowly start to lose interest in everything and look for other options which will relieve them of this void. Death feels like a way to get rid of the numbness and they start looking into options. They try to talk about the philosophy of death and that life is but a mere illusion.

Denying help

There is always a window when a person with a hidden depression lets down their guard. They put up a cry for help only to retract it saying it was just a weak moment. It is normal for a person to cry for help but a depressed person talks a lot about ending it. They might even share the above-mentioned signs but will deny it or say they felt better after pouring their heart out.

A person with depression, those who have acknowledged it and are under treatment might still have a lesser risk of suicide. This could be because of their lack of energy to plan their death, medication, or that they are being monitored. But a person with hidden depression has the energy and the ability to think about their death. A person could hide their depression due to embarrassment, fear of being judged and not accepted, guilt, denial, unrealistic views of happiness, and the fear of being a burden. Be considerate and offer help and assurance to anyone who is displaying signs of hidden depression.

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