Planning - A way to change your life for better

Nobody plans to fail; they simply fail to plan.

How many times in a day- especially during quarantine- do you find yourself wondering ‘what should I do now?’ Doesn’t it feel like a battle in itself to be able to decide that? Though it's a little difficult to settle in with but not impossible to be able to excel at this aspect of decision making. Planning your routine or schedule is the easiest and most effective way out of the pit full of laze, aimlessness, anxiety and stress. Planning gives you peace of mind.

The first and foremost point is to identify what you want to achieve because if you don’t think of achieving it, you probably will never do. You can plan out the smallest to the biggest goals of your life.



Planning your schedule basically shows you the straight path to your goal so achieving your goal seems more possible.


Once you plan out your routine or schedule, it becomes easier to focus on what’s important and eliminate the unnecessary elements. It helps you to inculcate a habit of only doing what fetches you the best results.


Classification of targets into smaller goals helps one achieve their expectations in a chronological yet relaxing manner. One doesn’t feel burdened about reaching their goal or question themselves as to when they will be able to achieve it.


Planning your daily routine or task schedule gives you a sense of clarity as to when a particular task needs to be done and ended. It doesn’t create chaos and definitely reduces the prevailing anxiousness.


Once you pen down what task needs to be done when, it becomes easier to keep a checklist of your progress. You’ll know where you need to pull up your socks or where you deserve the brownie points!

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”.


Doesn’t it feel satisfactory when your long due project or just a daily goal is done the right way and at the right time? Trust me, as and when you keep checking off your goals from your planner, the wave of confidence and the fresh smell of satisfaction will leave you in awe of the entire idea of planning your schedules.


After accomplishing a set goal, there’s no way one wouldn’t feel secure about their progress and achievement. It motivates one to work efficiently further.


If you schedule your routine or goals, you’ll know where you stand and can do the necessary things to reach your goal. It won’t leave you with the feeling of guilt or regret which usually follows failure or a temporary setback that happens mostly because we fail to pre analyze or set realistic goals.


A feeling of security and a sense of accomplishment instils you with an urge to do more and reach more goals to be able to identify those feelings again, hence increasing productivity.

It's easier said than done but there needs to be a starting point and there’s no better time than now. So, sit with a cup of coffee/tea and think about your dreams and desires. Don’t just create your whims and fancies up in your head, note them down and PLAN your dreams. Live them the best way possible.

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