Life is like a hamster trapped in a wheel without any break. And that hamster is we people. Don't you feel stuck or irritated? Do you feel like giving up or just run away from this messed life?

Everyone face these situations in life. Not only once instead many times and we can't stop the situation but we can control them by changing ourselves and taking breaks in life for ourselves. You have to slave toxic situations and start embracing yourself. So, this blog will help you to learn how to take break from life.


1. What it means to take break from life?

2. Can I take break in my daily life?

3. Art of self-love

4. Pandemic and staycation


We all are busy in our lives and running after work, money, desires and goals made it progressively hard for us to consider our own life.

Most likely social media is additionally assuming a lead job in controlling our lives. We are absolutely in charge of it. In pictures one could be seen happy yet in all actuality nobody knows or cares what he/she might be experiencing. These all situations leave us in awful conditions both mentally and emotionally. Consequently, the impacts start reflecting on our physical health too.

Thus, taking a break from life means to start indulging yourself in those activities that give you relief and happiness. That makes you calm and motivated. Those activities can be your hobbies also. Quit those activities that make you feel negative and anxious. Take out time for yourself. Go on a vacation without any distraction like phone or media.

Explore the places you have never been. Travel and experience new things and adventures.

It's like just start looking for your inner self. And say to yourself "I am living my life for myself. I am happy and grateful for whatever I have."


Taking breaks daily is an effective way to manage time and boost your health at the same time as you are giving yourself time to relax also. You can take breaks anytime, anywhere. Whether you are at work or studying there is no boundation.

Here are some effective ways that you can catch up:

1. Make this your habit to meditate every morning at least for 10 minutes when you wake up. This will help you manage stress and negative thoughts. You will feel a positive energy around you whole day.

2. Go out to your favourite place and enjoy the surrounding. You can see sunset or sit by a shore or just look at the night sky and talk to the stars. Yes, talking to might sound funny but it will make you feel calm.

3. Discard excessive use of social media and phones. This will stop you from getting trapped in the web of negativity.

4. Catch up with your hobbies. Paint, sing, dance, read, photography or whatever that makes you smile.

5. Sit alone and flush out negativity. Think good deeds. Just imagine creative things.

There are many ways you can create by yourself that make you feel happy. But remember it takes indulgence.


It's not a new topic. Art of self-love simply implies to love yourself as the way you are. Doing the things that make you feel happier. Pampering and rewarding yourself at every point of life. Whether you are going through hard time, don't forget to love yourself because it's the only way you can help yourself to stand in a crowd.

Don't rely on anyone. Just start praising yourself and surround yourself with an aura of positivity. Stop doubting your intentions.

Remember, "You are the creator of yourself." And your way of thinking modules you. You live only once. Right? So stop caring about other people who pull you down and stand for yourself and do those things and create the best version of yourself. And at last you will say "I am proud of myself. I did it."


Nowadays, we all are quarantined because of the pandemic. There is loss in our studies and workplace. But this time is best to heal and crave the best person out of you.

Staycation means taking a vacation at home. It may be tricky because it doesn't mean you have to do laundry or clean the dishes and so on. Instead, it means anything you can do at home that is vacation like. So sit under the sun with shades and hat on and with a glass lemonade and just visualise that you are on a beach. This wouldn't be perfect, but you will definitely feel relaxed.

And make a habit of a technique called "SAVERS" which means:

S- Start your day with meditation.

A- Affirmations are must.

V- Visualise your goals.

E- Exercise for good health.

R- Read to develop skills.

S- Say 'YES' to success.

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