Life is an ongoing process full of emotions. Some days are bad and some are good yet we have to deal with them no matter what! Bad days can end up leaving us demotivated and depressed. But if you practice the art of motivation everyday then you can achieve everything.


1. What is motivation?

2. How it works?

3. Types of motivation

4. Components of motivation

5. How to implement it in daily life?


Motivation or inspiration is something that cannot be comprehended in words only. It’s a kind of force or willingness that causes you to accomplish your objectives and assists with being fruitful throughout everyday life. It’s the process of working on your goals and desires in a better way.


Suppose you are going for an interview or preparing for a competitive exam then there will be many thoughts that will rush up in your mind like fear of rejection, nervousness and feelings leading to negativity. Then what’s the first thing you need?

Obviously, motivation! So, it’s simple to understand. Being motivated surrounds oneself with the aura of positivity and optimism and boosts up ones confidence level which makes it easy to achieve your desires. But it’s not that easy to implement in daily life. It would take months or more to practice it. And once executed, then you can achieve anything in your life.


Motivation can come up from anywhere. You just need to be practical and confident about your decisions.

Mainly there are two types of motivation:

• Intrinsic/internal motivation

• Extrinsic/external motivation

Intrinsic motivation - It means accomplishment of personal desires while you are enjoying to achieve them at the same time. It’s internal feeling that builds up within you rather than getting influenced by anyone.

For example: If you are good at making paintings and you love to do it too and after training yourself you become an artist.

Extrinsic motivation – It means setting up your goals due to external factors or when you are influenced by someone to do something.

For example: When you prepare for a reward like participating in marathon.


Inspiration is a vibe and to learn it you must know what it is composed of!

There are three main components:

1. Activation – It means the initiation to start a conduct or decision to perform a particular task, such as indulging in aptitude knowledge.

2. Persistence – It means hustling yourself towards your goals by becoming consistent to practice the task daily despite the fact that impediments may exist. For example, preparing for aptitude test daily can increase your IQ level.

3. Intensity – Consistent concentration and focus for a particular goal will work as a fuel in pursuing your goal. Active indulgence will make you perfect in your task. For example, you can finally crack an aptitude test after going through these steps.


Motivation is an exercise that enhances only after practicing. There are some rules or points that one must follow to stay motivated daily:

1. Know your purpose and goals.

2. Commitment to one task at a time.

3. Management of big task into small tasks.

4. Keeping a track of your progress.

5. Staying away from distractions.

6. Avoid negative people.

7. Rewarding yourself for little achievements.

8. Accepting failures and learning from them.

9. Inspiration from videos and speeches.

10. Taking breaks to avoid frustration and stress.

11. Reading motivational books.

12. Making a list of your tasks.

13. Make back up plans.

14. Set a time limit for completion of task.

15. Being passionate about your goals.

There are a lot more ways which one can follow to stay motivated everyday. And no doubt, if you make these ways your habits then no one can stop you to climb the ladder of success!

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