Our busy routines left all of us tangled in our lives. We barely have time for us. We are well-acquainted enough to enlighten the world regarding anything other than our feelings and sentiments.

Furthermore, presumably, we don't have

anybody to tune in or once in a while we simply don't think that it's simple to share since we realize whether people will criticize or sympathize our situation. So it's mandatory to talk to yourself, take out time for yourself and let your emotions flow. What's more, only a paper will get you out to do so. It's one of the best way to manage your psychological wellness and build up your personality. So, this blog is all about your friendship with paper.


1. Why should I write?

2. What should I write or how to start?

3. Pros and Cons

4. Journaling or a diary

5. Magic with paper


"Paper has more patience than people". ~Anne Frank

The present time is tied in with getting mingled with whatever you do simply by snapping and posting it and letting people all around the world know about you. Isn't that so? Yet, nobody truly knows or cares what really you might be experiencing, whether it is intellectually, emotionally or physically.

Composing your emotions and musings is a sort of self-esteem as they are simply enlightening you regarding yourself. We all have some secrets that we don't want to share with anyone and usually people are not interested in listening. So only paper will listen you.


This diverse world is loaded with assortment of individuals. Some think a lot, some envisions a lot, some speak a lot. Yet a lot of anything can be destructive. What's more, sooner or later in life we may encounter odd sentiments and feelings that we can't impart to anybody.

Then just take a paper and a pen. And let your emotions flow. You will feel calm and light after doing so. Whatever is rushing through your mind or heart just jot it down.

It's not an exam or a test that someone will check your writing skills. So, feel free to write. And remember it's not just a paper, it's your closest companion now.

Express your sentiments, feelings and contemplations in words and spill out the weight of your heart and psyche. Write anything like about your day, objectives or plans, cheerful or dismal moments, imagination or whatever you want that's pulling you down.


Everything has positives and negatives. And they are better to keep in mind. And thoughts and feelings become powerful when they are set free.


1. Writing will improve your skills and it's a decent propensity.

2. You will see your mind's image as you look at yourself in the mirror.

3. You will feel calm and motivated.

4. It will make you confident and you will see an overview of future plans.

5. You will stay focused on your objectives.

6. You will stay stress, hesitation and anxiety free.

7. Positivity will reflect on your face.


1. Your kinship with paper should be a secret. On the off chance that someone else see them, at that point your story would turn into a movie.

2. If you always write negative or bad about the past or anything, then also write good and positive about your present and future. As what you think and write, so you attract.


Expressing your sentiments with a blend of creativity is what journaling or a diary is. It includes everything about you and your life. On other hand, being creative will assist your mind to think inventive and positive. Furthermore, regardless of whether you love to write or not, you can draw too.

You can begin journaling in the way you like it. Some ideas to start up-

1. Choose various themes according to your feelings.

2. Incorporate a mood tracker.

3. Add positive affirmations.

4. Include quotes or poems to make you feel determined.

5. Put in self-notes.


Do you know about the law of attraction? Yeah, whatever you want you can get just by focusing and believing.

Universe is wrapped up in alluring power or attractive force and it can assist you achieving your desires. And writing on paper is one approach to do it.

You just have to take a paper. Write your desire on it at night and close your eyes. At that point imagine it to be turning into reality and you will feel connected with the universe. Keep it practically speaking every day and gradually it will be valid.

Only just a piece of paper will take out the weight of your mind and heart slowly making you a calm and motivated person. Your emotions would turn into words. And these words engrave a stronger person out of you.

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