"Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever ".

In our life we all come through a path or a phase that seems like walking on a dangerous mountain alone. The phase when life become slowmo. Isn't it?

This is what we term as hard time. Yeah, this time of our life can either make us or dump us. It all depends on us. And everyone is going through something in their life. So, they should be prepared to control themselves when hard time strikes. So, this blog is all you need to learn and create a mind set to never let you feel downcast and depressed in this phase of your life.


1. What is hard time?

2. Why only my life?

3. Connection with depression.

4. How to cope up?


During hard time, it tends to be very hard to comprehend what really does difficult situations imply! Well, it thoroughly relies upon a person's thoughts, feelings and emotions. A few people make circumstances hard for themselves and some need to experience the predetermination or misfortune that causes tough time for us.

Examples of some situations might be- not studying before an exam and after the bad result one might feel demotivated and stressed. It's a self-created situation. And misfortune be like having an accident when you are driving slow in your lane. That's where we blame our destiny. Right?

But remember that whatever the situation you are facing today that is not going to last forever. Because whatever happens, happens for the best.

The primary concern is to adapt to this time. Since many people get depressed, anxious and abandon their lives thinking that their life is worst.

No, your life is beautiful. Even nature too has to experience some bad time.

You have to believe in yourself and take over your life.

Remember "Hope is the only thing stronger than fear".


A lot of people ask this to themselves "Why only me or my life?"

No, you are not the only person who might be experiencing bad days. Instead, everyone is stuck somewhere that they are pitiful about. Some people need money, some need to study abroad, some need to purchase their preferred thing and so forth. Also, when one is not able to accomplish their desires they may wind up accusing it to their lives.

But have you ever said to yourself "Time will change, I will heal". Probably no. Most of us just mutter negative things, even about ourselves.

Remember, life is like an ocean. Some days the tides are too high or some days the ocean is just calm. It's a pattern of life. And no matter what, we have to accept it. Everyone's life follows similar phenomena. You just have to change your perception. After all, every cloud has a silver lining.


Depression is a silent devil in oneself. It takes no time to become a chronic disorder. Even some people don't know they are in depression because they fear to talk about it. But it's dangerous and one might give up on life, once trapped in this depression web.

Hard time and depression are correlated. If one can't cope up with awful time and think only negative, start blaming life and people then obviously this would become his/her habit and turn into depression, 'the silent killer'.

And your hard time can stick you to numerous health issues if you get into this. Loneliness, overthinking, nightmares, anger and nervousness are some common symptoms of depression. Examine yourself and try to get over it. Life is tough. You have to accept it and learn to cope up with the bad situations. And trust the timing of your life.


During hard times, our mind gets bombarded with negative thoughts. All of these stressful emotions wreak havoc on and weaken our bodies. But always remember life teaches us a lesson and take these hard times as your lessons. Start up by taking little steps:

1. Accept the situation and face the reality without fear. Don't run or hide yourself in some corner. Instead, try to face and fight.

2. Believe in yourself. Yes, if you think, you can. You are a fighter and you can't let the little problems take over you. You are a warrior.

3. Good things take time. Nothing is sudden. Work hard for what you want.

4. Accept the failures. Don't get demotivated if you haven't passed an exam. Learn from the mistakes and improve them.

5. Lay the foundation of your life with the concrete of faith, hope and happiness.

6. Start learning new things to keep you busy. If you still feel sad, boost up yourself with motivated videos or people.

7. Talk. Yes, start taking to people or yourself. Don't keep your emotions closed in your heart and mind. Let them flow.

8. Every morning start your day as if you were born again. A new morning, a new day. Stay positive.

9. Be spiritual. Inclination towards God or nature can help you heal much faster.

10. Nothing is constant in life. Situations will fluctuate. So, prepare yourself to fight.

Keeping these points would help you to be the winner. Following these could lead you to the path of success and happiness even when the hard time strikes. And one day you will tell your story how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else's survival guide.

Just say it to yourself-


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