Have you ever got thoughts stuck in

your mind that you can't stop thinking about? Have you ever felt your mind being flooded with negative thoughts? Are these contemplations related to your past mistakes or future worries? Do you let these issues destroy you?

Not at all. No one wants to get destroyed just by thinking. So, is it just our mind's illusion? How can you stop this?

If these questions arise in your mind and you are also an overthinker then this blog is all about you.


1. What is overthinking and it's causes?

2. What is overthinking a symptom of?

3. Signs you are an overthinker.

4. It's effects on life.

5. How to stop overthinking and relax?


Overthinking as simple as it sounds, means to think too much. Your mind is like a room full of thoughts, negative or positive. And when your negative thoughts start replaying in your mind then that's what overthinking is!

It's somewhat like circling yourself around the same path. And this situation eventually becomes a habit.

Once you become habitual to overthink, your mind will start ruining you. Gradually eating you up. This will erode your mental health. Consequently, as your mental health declines, the overthinking and worry will increase. That’s not good!

Ruminating over negative thoughts is wonted. It may be caused by past mishappenings, confidence issues, self-doubt, anxiety, stress, devastating experiences, etc. This all builds up from your daily life situations and can cause damage to your health.


Overthinking is usual and it can cause the mind to experience "emotional hangovers". Don't neglect it because it's a problem. It can open doors for psychological problems like — stress, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, lack of concentration, confusion and depression.

All these problems could be fatal if not considered and cured.


A lot of people don't even know that they are overthinking. Some might think it to be normal. But it's not. It is not productive and you must know how to take control of it. These signs show that you are an overthinker -

1. Replaying conversations in your head.

2. Thinking about traumatic experiences.

3. Emphasizing on past or future rather than living in the present.

4. You are not present emotionally and mentally with others or lost in your own thoughts.

5. Negative distractions.

6. Sleep deprivation.

7. Difficulty in concentration.

8. You tend to talk over same stuff to others.

9. Relying on negative thoughts.

10. Keeping yourself isolated.

11. Second guess everything.

12. Analyzing things to death.

13. Can't let things go.

14. Regretting often.

15. Criticizing yourself a lot.

These are some common signs that show that you might be an overthinker and you have to stop it. You have to give your life a new way and delete all these thoughts and feelings that retard you.


Ruminative thinking is not problem solving. It can't benefit you in any way rather than destroying you slowly. Some people consider it to be normal but it's not. It can affect your whole life like so-

1. You won't be able to stay organized as your thoughts start digging questions.

2. You would feel irritated frequently.

3. You would feel loss of appetite resulting in more health issues.

4. Lack of concentration at workplace or studies.

5. You will start blaming and doubting yourself.

Eventually, you will end up getting away from your goals and getting closer to depression. So, your choice is now in your hands. Only you are the one who can bring about change in your life. So, you must figure out how to stop it and live your life to the fullest.


We got to know everything about overthinking. Now let's see how you can reclaim peace of mind by identifying how to stop it.

1. Jot it down — Writing your feelings, plans, worries and everything can help you a lot. When no one listens, a sheet of paper will!

2. Make yourself a priority — Start nourishing yourself with self-care and love.

3. Declutter your mind — Start organizing yourself. Think what's good and productive. Surround yourself with positive people.

4. Stop worrying — Look, things won't change until you hustle yourself. Rather than worrying, start working. Remember no one is perfect. Accept yourself the way you are!

5. Meditation — Meditation is the best medicine for every problem. It's the best way to take control of your mind.

6. Get Busy — Start indulging yourself in activities that take your focus and concentration. This would distract you from overthinking.

7. Live in present— Past can't be turned back and no one has foreseen the future. So, start living in present happily. Find happiness in little moments.

8. Stay away from stress — It's important to manage your stress and keep yourself away from anxiety, anger and irritation.

9. Engage in mindfulness.

10. Stop waiting for perfection — Nobody is perfect. Don't compare yourself with others. Stop perceiving yourself as perfect because you are already the best version of yourself.

11. Allow yourself a set amount of time to worry.

12. Follow the path of spirituality.

These ways might help you to relieve your life. Strive for "good enough" rather than perfect.

Overthinking is a silent killer. Don't let your mind kill yourself. A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mindset.

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