EMPOWERING AFFIRMATIONS: A Way to Confide in Yourself

There are days when people are surrounded by so much negativity that they start losing confidence in themselves. They start blaming themselves for everything that goes wrong and they start living a pessimistic life. Even if something better happens, they are of the expectation that something bad is on its way.

Everything happens for a reason and realizing that fact is okay but just realizing and holding a grudge against yourself doesn't make it any better. You have to start afresh and work on it again. For this to happen, it is necessary to leave behind the pessimist in you and start gaining confidence in yourself. There are many ways to do so but the easiest is to affirm yourself daily and form a calendar of it.

What Are Empowering affirmations?

When in general English we look at the classifications of sentences we find one type named affirmative sentences,i.e, those sentences that don't represent any sort of negativity or state a fact. These empowering affirmations are also the same as them. They are the positive statements that remind you of the good and help you to challenge your negative thoughts and let you become a better version of yourself. They contain the power of helping you gain the lost confidence that became a barrier to your success and make you trust yourself again.

As John Kehoe said, "Your life is in your hands, to make of it what you choose."


These are the affirmations you should remind yourself of in the morning. Things said in the morning are most likely to be remembered throughout the day.

  1. GOOD THINGS ARE ON ITS WAY: After happening of a lot of bad and usual events, your mind is stuck with the thought of it. You can't think of anything good. But, what keeps you alive are the never-dying hopes. Time changes, if now it's not good it surely will be someday.

  2. I HAVE THE COURAGE TO SAY NO: Saying no is a very difficult habit but sometimes it becomes a necessity. The thought of making the person in front of you feel sad sticks with you but then it might even put you in jeopardy sometimes. Sometimes you have to just think about yourself.

  3. I AM POSITIVE: Being an optimist is quite a task because all the negativity surrounding you covers all your positive sides. But to not let it get into your head, you need to remind the kind of person you are and what you used to be. Everything can change around, but you will still be you.

  4. I AM THANKFUL FOR A NEW DAY: Not everyone gets a new day with new opportunities but yet everybody does. It's ironic but also just a perception. If you have another day in your life, you don't want to waste it thinking that you've got nothing. Think of something and build it yourself.

  5. NEW AND SCARY IS NOT A BAD THING: Some things are going to happen that you know nothing about. It seems scary, taking a risk seems scary. But, life doesn't give you things that you will be never be frightened of but yet you have to do it anyway. You are not going to move on without knowing and searching all about it.


You go through a lot of things in the day. Those things can change you. They might as well make you feel less happy than you were this morning. But yet, you have to keep reminding yourself.

  1. NO ONE CAN MAKE ME FEEL INFERIOR: Nobody can make you feel inferior without yourself. The outside world is meant to hold you back because nobody can see you better than them. People will get into your head and stay there for as long as they can. You have to choose whether you let them or not.

  2. I CAN STEP OUTSIDE MY COMFORT ZONE: Every day is a new day indeed. For stepping into the real world, your comfort zone is not a word you're going to find anywhere. There will be times when you have to be adjusting to get things done, things that you'll never be comfortable with.

  3. I AM UNIQUE: There is no one like you. You are the only one of your kind. Your ideas are unique and you are creative in your way. Everybody including you is allowed to think that way. You don't have to compare yourself with anyone. They have no idea about the position you are in. You just have to be better than yourself to grow.

  4. I HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE: You have to choose what you become. If you don't' you might as well flow in the direction lead by others. Due, to this you have to live a compromising un-satisfied life for the rest of your days. It will bother you, but it will be too late to understand. You are the only one responsible for your own choice

  5. I WAS NOT MADE TO GIVE UP: Sometimes it feels like that you've done enough and can't do anything more. It feels like giving up and letting go of it. But, until you get through it, it is never going to be enough. It just defines your capacity to deal with things.

Make yourself a priority once in a while. It's not selfish. It's necessary.


Things that you get into your head before sleeping, become the reason for the kind of sleep you're going to have.

  1. TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER: The days that go so well, at the end of it you should realize it was still worth going through all of it. Tomorrow, when you get up you have new experiences that will stop you from making the same mistake again.

  2. I AM HAPPY: It is important to always have a smiling face, but not a fake one. Each time you look in the mirror, you should realize that you're happy with whatever happened. Even if it didn't go according to you, at least you get to learn something out of it.

  3. I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE BIG DREAMS: Nights are meant for dreaming. When you dream big, you gain the ability to do something big. Whatever you pursue in life, is a consequence of your thinking.

  4. I LET GO OF FEAR, WORRY, AND ANGER: Going to bed with such negativity snatches away your sleep for the rest of the night. As a result, you don't get to start another day on a good note and it becomes a loop of negativity. You sleep peacefully, you get up fresh and look for new opportunities.

  5. I AM ENOUGH: The day you decide your worth no one can degrade it ever. You need to realize that there's nobody more important than yourself who needs you. You may not always find someone by your side and you need to realize that fact.


I FORGIVE MYSELF: When you start regretting, you hold a grudge against yourself. Due to this starting again and getting up becomes more difficult than ever. So, until you start forgiving yourself there is never going to be a comeback.

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