Depression: A Killing Machine?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

A number of people can't differentiate sadness from depression. Many peoples around the world going through depression and sadness at a same time.

"Depression and Sadness shouldn't be used synonymously, Sadness is an emotion, Depression is a medical condition "

Are you lonely?

Are you sad?

Are you tensed?

Are you betrayed?

Have you failed?

These aren't exact questions of depression.. nope not exactly!

Depression is the state of mind when you can not understand yourself and don't know who you are.

What is Depression?

Wounds aren't are often circumvented. We fail to notice the sorrows which lie underneath the skin. The so-called 'mental health' wears invisible cloak, mockery by people punctures your mood and makes you feel so desolate that you end up in a vicious circle of self-doubt, melancholy and the kind of vibes which penetrates through everything around you. No matter how jolly the environment around you is, you don't feel happy.

The extreme sadness becomes your default mood for no reason. People keep asking 'why, how and when', and you really don't know the answer which makes you more sad, and this process finally pulls you into the dark abyss completely.

Why is depression a killing machine?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression.

One of the main ways that depression might lead to death is if the negative thoughts result in a person deciding to take their own life. Depression can make people feel helpless and without hope, causing them to reach the unfortunate conclusion that suicide is the only way to end their misery.

According to Center for Disease Control (CDC), suicide was the tenth leading cause of death among all age groups in the year 2017. In 2016, there were nearly 45,000 deaths attributed to suicide in the United States. Unsurprisingly, Depression is the most important factor in more than 50% cases.

Are you Depressed?

"We often called it a mood swing. But is it really a mood swing or depression?"

The diagnosis and treatment of depression and depressive illnesses can be made by a medical doctor, or mental health professionals such as a psychologist, or psychotherapist.

Please note: Other illnesses and certain medications can cause symptoms that mimic the symptoms of depression. Hence, a complete medical examination should be performed to rule out the presence of other medical conditions potentially causing depressive symptoms.

It’s normal to feel some of the following symptoms from time to time, but experiencing several or more for more than two or three weeks may indicate the presence of depression or another depressive illness.


Not all people with depression will show all symptoms or have them to the same degree.

Some of symptoms are:

  • Feeling low or sad most of the time.

  • Loss of interest and difficulty in completing daily activities; an inability to enjoy activities that were enjoyable before.

  • Getting tired quickly or lacking of energy throughout the day. 

  • Difficulty in concentration; thinking; or making decisions. 

  • Loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. 

  • Negative thoughts about self, life, and the future.

  • Loss of appetite, or overeating.

  • Feeling guilty and blaming yourself for past failures; feeling unworthy.

What Should You Do?


A registered practitioner, a psychotherapist, a counsellor, a friend, family- Talk to someone! Try to figure out the cause behind your low mood- seek help!

A psychotherapist may be able to solve your problem

Depression can paralyse you; But if you achieve that balance you emerge a victor. So, Speak up before you Give Up!!!


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