Art of living healthy lifestyle

Do you ever realize that adopting unhealthy lifestyle may results in reduction of your life expectancy?
It's high time to think about opting a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

In this era most of us are running after achieving our goals in our respective fields but at cost of our health. It’s becoming more common to see that how humans are neglecting their health which can have severe impact on their body in future. According to medical researchers, the life span for those people who don’t practice healthy lifestyle is much less than who does. The advantage of adopting healthy lifestyle is undeniably amazing.


Enhances your mood: Being healthy not only ensures physical wellness but also emotional and mental wellness as well. As, most of the junk food contains hypoglycemic loads which can trigger depression and stress in one’s body so, it is advised to choose healthy diet over junk food.

Less risk of cancer: “Cancer” is the word that still haunts most of us as we are aware of its repercussions. Some of you might not know that obesity increases the risk of cancer. So, opting for unhealthy diet which may leads you to obesity, might also seize your desire to live long.

Prevents cardiovascular disease: According to heart and stroke foundation of Canada, 80 percent of premature heart diseases can be avoided by making certain amounts of lifestyle changes. According to medical studies food rich in vitamin C may prevent heart diseases.

Helps to lose weight: Now it’s a well known fact that obesity is one of the major factors contributing to many severe diseases. One should have a proper management of calories intake and calories burn per day. Physical exercise and healthy food may prevent you from plenty of chronic disease.

Controls sugar level: According to the research of WHO, from 2000 to 2016 there was a 5% increase in premature mortality from diabetes. Diabetes is major cause behind blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation.

Improves immunity: There are ample number of ways that is included in a healthy lifestyle that can build defense mechanism of the human body. Inculcating healthy ways of living helps to improve immunity to a great extent.


  • Have a regular exercise routine: It’s not necessary to join gym and do intense workout but indulge yourself in any of the physical activity just to keep your body active and fit.

  • Have a balanced diet: Include fruit and vegetables to your diet and avoid junk food. Don’t skip meals as it’ll only make you eat more the next time.

  • Have a proper sleep schedule: Not having a proper sleep leads to sickness more often. Adults should take sleep for at least 7 hours while teen and children should take 8-10 hours sleep.

  • Avoid added sugar: Added sugar leads to obesity in most of the cases and hence avoiding this can prevent you from many diseases.

  • Prevent yourself form stress and anxiety: You can be called healthy completely when you are mentally fit too. So, discover your stress buster to avoid stress.

  • Keep yourself hydrated: It is advised to drink 15.5 cups (3.7 litres) for men and 11.5 cups (2.7 litres) for women in order to prevent them from dehydration.

  • Try to consume unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat.


There are certain myths prevailing in India that everybody should know:

• Doing exercise increases your appetite.

• Potatoes make us fat.

• Skipping meals helps you to lose weight.

• Avoid eggs because they increase cholesterol levels.

• Drinking water while drinking makes you fat.

• Eating less while dieting helps to keep you fit.

• Some fruits have so much sugar that it’s unhealthy.

“It is the health that is real wealth, not the pieces of gold or silver” - Mahatma Gandhi.

So, now that you have understood about art of living healthy life it’s time to inculcate it in your daily routines and also let your family and friends know about this. If you unable to opt every tip then you can even go for one or two of them and you’ll surely observe the differences.

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