Have you ever noticed that you keep seeing the same numbers? Perhaps you repeatedly encounter any specific number ,Or maybe you've spotted a sequence of numbers that continually shows up. Like everyday awaking up at 11: 11 , finding WiFi password ending with 1111, Buying things with total amount $11.11 ,its like you spot this number repeatedly in your day to day life. It's just like using your observation power to understand the message just similar to movies like Final destination , Countdown, The number 23 and many more more movies in which the observation power and the messages form the universe try to make them aware of the upcoming .


Angel numbers are numerical values that are used to convey special messages from spiritual authorities to humans on earth. Angel number literally translates to divine messages. They are coded messages sent to humans by angels. This message is meant to help humans lead a better life on earth.  Angel numbers usually appear at certain points in our lives when we are in dire need of spiritual guidance. The message could be an encouragement, a warning, or a promise.


Everything in the world is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. These properties come from the numbers' inherent vibration. Other new-age practitioners use the term vibration to describe beliefs in the power of items like crystals, gemstones, colors and essential oils. As the theory goes, each number has a unique vibration, giving it certain properties.

If your are still confused how numbers could have vibration than the science behind it is also interesting and pure with the laws. We all heard about the law of conversations and it states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed from one form into another or transferred from one object to another. Similar way the energy just reflects from every think as it takes ,just the colors have frequency and wavelength which turns to vibration and those vibrations to lines and lines made numbers .


Finding your angel number is easy once you learn how to do it. 

To calculate your personal angel number, the first step is to express your date of birth in numerical terms. For example, if you were born on the 26 of April 2001, the numeric expression of this date of birth is 26042001

The next step is to reduce this number. 2 + 6 + 0 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 15, 1 +5= 6. Hence, your angel number is number 6. 

If you calculate your angel number and It comes 11, 22, or 33, it means your angel number is a master number which is special and holds strong spiritual significance.

Angel number 1

The angel number 1 encourages you to accept the sins of the past, for without them you will not be where you are now. Your past is what brought you to your present, and your present will lead you to your

Angel number 2

The vibrational essence of number 2 is associated with service, cooperation, and receptivity. When the angels send us messages that repeatedly carry the vibrational energy of angel number 2, it is likely to be in reference to cooperation and service and the patience your need to achieve something good coming up in your life.

Angel number 3

With the angel number 3, it urges you to have faith and believe that all your dreams and desires will happen at the right place and at the right time. If you sees your personal angel no many times and you’re learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby, this is the best time to do it because you are open and receptive to new and vibrant energies. You are always been creative and artistic .Pursuing your passion will bring you closer to your divine.

Angel number 4

Numbers have a unique vibrational essence that fills them with a special significance that we often understand intuitively. Number 4 represents seriousness, order and determination , patience, loyalty and trust.

Angel number 5

Angel number 5 is related to freedom, independence, adventure, curiosity, experience and intelligence. If often see the number 5 ,it means your guardian is trying to indicated that some new changes is going happen in your life .

Angel number 6

Persons with angel number 6 outwardly focused to the detriment of your internal, spiritual life. They love to spend time with their beloved ones. If you keep seeing the number 6, it also represents family, home, domesticity, and parenthood. Something with regard to family or home needs your urgent attention.

Angel number 7

The meaning of number 7 is spirituality and taking care of oneself. It's about self-love, and seeing and loving yourself for who you are.  it tells that you are a strong wisdom person ,who works hard to unlock the destiny and luck.

Angel number 8

The meaning of number 8 resonates with the power and vibrations of self-confidence, inner strength, and personal power. It is associated with authority, success, professionalism, and wealth. If you keep seeing angel number 8 ,it means it is a self awakening time ,you need to work on your lacking and build up a strong wisdom to face the upcoming.

Angel number 9

Nine is the highest of all the single digit numbers, which means that its vibration is also the highest. Number 9 symbolize as the number of spiritual awakening, love and Karma. If see this number means you need to focus less on material gain and sensual experience and more on your larger purpose in life.

Various angel numbers

Angel numbers are mostly repeating numbers like 111 ,2222 ,777, 1010 these numbers our called echo angel numbers and numbers like 321,786 ,1203 these are the combination angel numbers . In this blog we will be providing with some echo angel numbers which are:


These numbers are likely to appear when something in your life has come full circle, bringing you to a point at which a new beginning is both likely and beneficial. As with a single 0, there is also a connection to your spiritual health here. Multiple 0’s tell you that you are spiritually aware, and are particularly attuned to signs from the universe right now.


The number of ones that you see typically corresponds with the strength of the message you are receiving. Multiple 1s tell you that your intuition is functioning at maximum capacity and that you have a deep well of inspiration to draw on.


In terms of meaning, number 3333 (along with 33 and 333) link up to themes about sharing and communication. These number sequences sometimes serve as a warning that you need to open up to a particular person in your life. To figure out what seeing sequences of 3’s means for you, take a critical look at how you tend to share with others. Then, ask yourself who could benefit the most from increased communication. In addition, think about what might be holding you back.


Angel numbers 555, 55 and 5555 are liable to crop up when you need to change your circumstances in order to move past something negative. For example, you may see this type of number sequence when you're in a toxic relationship or friendship, when you have grown to dislike your current job, or when it's time to consider moving to a new place. Regardless of your current circumstances, the angels are communicating that although change is scary, cutting ties with the negative opens you up to limitless amounts of positivity and possibility


Repeating numbers 777, 77 and 7777 challenge you to reexamine what you really want. Often, we simply assume that certain aspects of our lives are still right for us, when really we may have outgrown them. Sequences of multiple 7’s are particularly related to life choices that promote or inhibit spiritual growth, so they also let you know that you may currently be vibrating on a low frequency. Ask yourself what would boost that vibration, and make a plan.*

These numbers are likely to appear when something in your life has come full circle, bringing you to a point at which a new beginning is both likely and beneficial. As with a single 0, there is also a connection to your spiritual health here. Multiple 0’s tell you that you are spiritually aware, and are particularly attuned to signs from the universe right now.

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