Consider yourself blessed if you haven't faced a panic attack yet. But if you get these usually then there is nothing to worry about because there's always a way when there is will. A panic attack is a sudden period of intense anxiety, mounting physiological arousal associated with severe physical reactions. During these attacks, a person might face choking and a feeling of losing control over his life. Just try to put yourself in a scenario where you are starving to live. Scary right? According to a survey, around 35% of the population over the earth have experienced panic attacks. Some of them might get these once or twice in their lifetime but others get these very often and it's so restless to think how that can adversely affect their lives.

What is the difference between panic attacks and anxiety attacks?

Anxiety attack occurs due to a certain stressor and happens gradually. It is quite less severe than panic attacks. It goes away as the stressor goes away. It is short-lived than panic attacks.

However, the cause of a panic attack is not always certain. It can strike unexpectedly and it is more frightening than anxiety attacks. In this, a person has a constant fear of getting another attack and this leads him to avoid going in public.


There's not always a trigger that causes panic attacks to strike and that's the most terrible thing about it. It can happen anytime even while sleeping, driving, at the workplace, or even at any social gathering.

There's not a clear cause behind these attacks, but the following are the most probable causes:

  • it may be a genetic issue.

  • person might have faced any huge loss like the death of someone close.

  • remarkable transition in life like shifting to a new place, school, or college.

  • bullying by friends or colleagues

  • for celebrities, trolling and negative impressions on the public might trigger panic attacks.

  • sexual assault is one of the rising cause these days.

  • financial issues

Symptoms of PANIC ATTACKS:

According to medical researchers, if a lion comes in front of you and then your feeling to try every way possible to save your life is the exact same feeling what a person gets while a panic attack.Though the symptoms for the attack varies from person to person, but some of the common symptoms are listed below:

  • dizziness

  • headache

  • chest pain

  • nausea

  • fear of losing control over life.

  • sweating

  • trembling or shaking of a particular area of the body

  • shortness of breath

  • feeling of being alone

  • crying

  • in worst cases violence

How panic attacks can be treated?

If you have any of the symptoms of panic attack, then you should seek medical help as soon as possible. Panic attack exacerbates if left untreated and might even lead to suicidal thoughts.

Also, these attacks can be symptoms of severe heart diseases or heart attack. So it's advisable to get it diagnosed as soon as you get any symptom or attack.

Some advice that a doctor gives to avoid these attacks to happen frequently are listed below:

1. Be honest with your treatment plan: it's very important to follow your treatment as these attacks can completely ruin your life if not treated properly. don't hide anything with your doctor because only then you'll be benefited by treatment.

2. Indulge yourself in physical activity: physical activities help you to vanish anxiety and can so avoid the situation of getting panic attacks.

3. Practice meditation: it helps to conquer your fears and prevent you from getting negative thoughts. Also, do some stress management activities.

4. Talk to someone: whenever any negative thought strikes then try to talk to the person whom you consider really close and you feel that they can really help you to get out of that zone.

5. Avoid intake of caffeine: caffeine intake in excess triggers anxiety and hence it's advisable to avoid its consumption.

6. Have a proper sleeping schedule: enough sleep keeps you calm and joyful the entire day so it helps to alleviate your bad mood.

7. Join any support group: interaction with people facing the same medical conditions as you gives the satisfaction of not being alone and seeing the recovery of other members gives you a hope to get better.

Here's a small advice for the people who used to face this threatening phase:

There's no battle in life that can't be conquered. You have to fight these attacks and you can defeat them. Just follow your treatment and adapt a healthy lifestyle and you're all set to live a LIFE WITH NO FEARS, A LIFE OF YOUR OWN CHOICE.

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